Wednesday, January 11, 2012

About Our Message Board:

Our forum serves as the online gathering place for a dedicated, worldwide community of builders and riders of Sportster and Buell based CHOPPERS!!! Our mission is to foster, facilitate and support a cooperative global network of amateur builders with a passion for garage-built, Sportster-powered motorcycles. In order to remain true to our DIY spirit and free of outside interest or influence, our forum is 100% member-supported and proudly free of corporate influence, advertising, or sponsorship.


FIRST: Read the above description of what our forum is about, then review the following requirements for access:

*We are a community of builders and riders COMMITTED to sportster-powered motorcycles, not one-time projects to flip and forget about, or short-timers waiting to trade down for a big twin. If resale value is important to you, you're looking in the wrong place.

*We are a below-the-radar, low-key network of amateur builders and garage tinkerers connected by a shared passion and willingness to exchange information, parts, experience, and knowledge - freely and openly - in the D.I.Y. spirit of cooperation and shared success. Professional-level mechanical or fabrication skills are not required for access. What IS required is the desire to get your hands dirty, the common sense to ask for help when needed, and the willingness to provide that help to others if able.

*Rigid framed or HEAVILY modified (permanently altered stock frame) swingarm motorcycles are the rule. Simply put, this is NOT a community for mildly-customized stock bikes.

If you STILL want in, THEN:

#1 - Set up an account with network54 .

#2 - After your Network54 account is set up, you can apply for membership . Follow the prompts and this will allow you to complete the first step toward gaining access.

#3 - Now for the MOST important part: Send at least one photo of your bike or project to MAKE SURE to include your login name in the email. No pic, no access. Sorry. Include a few words about your build and what you can bring to the forum.

#4 - Upon approval, you will be notified via an auto-response message from Network54. This may take a day or two. Be patient, this is pretty much a one-man show here on our end.

#5 - Once granted access, be advised that this place is smarter than your average internet forum. Off-topic BS, silly drama, politics, religion, talking about your feelings, and rock star attitudes are not allowed. A sense of humor, a thick skin, and the ability to understand multisyllabic words will help insure your successful participation.

#6 - An introduction and bike / project picture is required as the first post for for all new forum members, within 3 days of receiving forum access and a pattern of regular, meaningful, and on-topic forum participation is expected. Lurkers are not allowed and inactive users will be deleted.